Microbiology 201:
Molecular Biology of the Bacterial Cell

Spring Semester 2018
Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00am to 12:00 noon


This course is devoted to bacterial structure, physiology, genetics, and regulatory mechanisms. The class consists of lectures and group discussions emphasizing methods, results, and interpretations of classic and contemporary literature.

Instructors: David Rudner, Thomas Bernhardt, Simon Dove
Curriculum Fellow: Deepali Ravel

Rudner: rudner@hms.harvard.edu (432-4455)
Bernhardt: thomas_bernhardt@hms.harvard.edu (617-466-9851)
Dove: simon.dove@childrens.harvard.edu (919-2888)

Ravel: Deepali_Ravel@hms.harvard.edu (432-1871)

Time: Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12:00pm
Location: NRB1031

If you need to miss class, let the current lecturer and curriculum fellow know in advance.
Absences for which you don’t let us know in advance (barring emergency) will result in a reduced participation grade.

If you miss more than one class, you will be asked to write a 1-page (single-space) summary of the assigned papers you missed.

Syllabus link

Date Class Instructor Topic Required Reading Background Reading Extra
01/23 Class 1 Bernhardt Protein Secretion and the Sec system
01/25 Class 2 Bernhardt The cell envelope and lipoprotein transport
01/30 Class 3 Bernhardt Envelope stress responses
02/01 Class 4 Bernhardt Peptidoglycan and cell shape determination
3, 4
02/06 Class 5 Bernhardt Cell division and its control
4, 5
02/08 Class 6 Bernhardt Cell motility and trans-envelope machines
3, 4
02/13 Class 7 Bernhardt Phage versus host
4, 5
02/15 Class 8 Bernhardt Transposons
Problem set handed out
02/20 Class 9 Rudner DNA replication and its control
3, 4
02/22 Class 10 Rudner Plasmids and their segregation
3, 4
02/27 Class 11 Rudner Chromosome organization/segregation
03/01 Class 12 Rudner Recombination/repair and the SOS-response
03/06 Class 13 Rudner Toxin-antitoxin (TA) systems
03/08 Class 14 Rudner Cell-cell signaling
spring break
03/20 Class 15 Rudner Checkpoints
03/22 Class 16 Rudner Development
Problem set handed out
03/27 Class 17 Ravel Protein folding and protein quality control
03/29 Class 18 Dove Transcription and its regulation
04/03 Class 19 Dove Transcription and its regulation continued
04/05 Class 20 Dove Translation and its control
04/10 Class 21 Dove Translation and its control continued
04/12 Class 22 Dove Second Messengers
04/17 Class 23 Dove Small RNAs
04/19 Class 24 Dove RNA degradation
04/24 Class 25 Dove Bistability and phase variation

Problem set handed out